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    Tonghua Dongbao has been persistent in continuous product innovation. The constant optimization of the product mix for diabetes treatment has enabled us to keep strengthening our market competitiveness and lead the domestic industry.

    About Us

    Tonghua Dongbao developed China's first recombinant human insulin, with a trade name of Gansulin, in 1998. As the first of its kind in China, Gansulin helped China overcome years of dependence on imports of the medicine. This achievement won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award and was listed in the "Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs 1998". Let’s get a glimpse into Tonghua Dongbao from the following figures.

    • 1985

      Year of founding

    • RMB 3.3bn

      Production Output (2020)

    • 388+

      Number of R&D staff

    • 17+

      Categories of popular products

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